Industrial manufacture for cutting machines



End-rail device ST-BH

The smooth-running manual end-rail device, available in a mobile version on request.

Advantages & Data


  • manual end-rail device available in a fixed or mobile version
  • belt lifter with smooth-running, backlash-free 8-point ball-bearing roller guide
  • cuts accurately, to the nearest millimetre, without material waste
  • effortless spring-assisted lifting of the guide rail
  • stack height up to 20 cm
  • in the fixed version, the end-rail device is fastened to the tabletop via a rotary knob
  • in the mobile version, attachment is achieved through a transverse guide-rail system mounted on both sides under the table top
  • lightning-quick and simple adjustment to a new cut length requires just a single worker
  • the total length of the transverse guide can be achieved through the use of 100- and 125-cm-long rails
  • both variants require a table thickness of 20-50 mm and a table overhang of at least 70 mm from the frame


Available end-rail devices

  • the end-rail devices are individually matched to your table width
  • max. table width 350 cm