Industrial manufacture for cutting machines

payment methods

  • Payment in advance
  • Payment by PayPal (inclusively credit card)
  • Payment by SOFORT/Klarna


We reserve the right to exclude certain types of payment.


Payments as well as refunds will be invoiced in Euro (EUR).

Advance payment

Payment in advance is only possible for orders from Germany. Please select the option “prepayment” in the order step “payment method”.
In case of prepayment we will ship the order as soon as the required amount arrived on our account. We will reserve your order exclusively for you for up to 7 days and will only cancel it if we don’t receive payment during this period. Please note that the duration of the transfer varies from bank to bank and that we cannot influence the speed of the processing
Please use the following bank account for your prepayment:
Hoogs Cutting Systems
Bank: Commerzbank Bonn
IBAN: DE31 3804 0007 0104 0096 00
Please always mention your order number as purpose use. Credit notes from returns are transferred back to the account from which you made the payment.

Payment by PayPal and IMMEDIATE/Klarna

Please select the option “PayPal” respectively “SOFORT/Klarna” in the order step “payment method”. You will automatically be forwarded to “PayPal” respectively “SOFORT/Klarna”. If you are already customer you can login with your user data and confirm the payment. Otherwise you can open an account with PayPal and then confirm the payment. 

For payment by SOFORT/Klarna you need the access data for the bank account from which you want to effect the payment.

Credit notes from returns are transferred back to the PayPal account from which you effected the payment. The same is with SOFORT/Klarna.