LION-60 > higher performance, longer running time, less weight
Laying-out and cut-off devices
Unrolling devices, cutting machines and laying-out devices for the production of protective devices
Use of a special Z-110-E at our customer Feuerwear
ST-2000-BH with unrolling machine RM-T + SAR-A2
Industrial manufacture for cutting machines


We are always a reliable partner by your side

Spare parts warehouse and logistics

Every device and every machine that leaves our production site is logged by Hoogs. Our warehouse is exceptionally well organised and we keep most current parts and components available from stock. This means a higher cost for us – but you benefit from high availability and minimal loss of time if a part is ever needed.

A small request

We always try to help you quickly and easily. However, we can be even faster for you if your queries include the model name, serial number and year of manufacture.

Economical repairs

Hoogs machinery and equipment are usually in use for many years, often decades. The Hoogs name stands for robust design, sophisticated and reliable construction and long working life. We carry out repairs of any kind in our workshop. This is where true repairs are undertaken, and not just exchanges.