Industrial manufacture for cutting machines
KM-10 series
KM-8 series
KM-5 series

Straight knife machines – clean cutting, quiet operation

Hoogs straight knife machine KM-5

Your brief overview of the types


  • cuts all textiles and almost all synthetic materials
  • cutting height up to 210 mm at 800 watts
  • quiet, low-vibration operation
  • light rollers with needle bearings
  • consistently clean cutting
  • perfect handling: single-handed machine operation with a clear view
  • fully automatic grinding device – grinding belts can be easily and conveniently replaced.
  • highest level of safety provided by the automatic finger guard (available as an option, mandatory in Germany)

Various accessoriess

  • features an automatic finger guard
  • grooved blade – for heavy and hard materials
  • convex blade – for rubberised fabrics
  • concave blade – for plastic and foam
  • serrated blade – for various plastics