Industrial manufacture for cutting machines



K Series – the rugged automatic cutting device

Cutting machine with two-sided cutting.


  • automatic cutting device with push-button cut-off
  • cuts in either direction (forward and backward)
  • features a sturdy chain drive and brake motor
  • feed speed = 0.8 m/s
  • integrated piece counter
  • 26 mm flat steel guide rail with 12-point ball-bearing roller foot
  • K-130 with high-speed cutting machine ST-6065, max. cutting height 21 mm
  • K-400 with powerful cutting machine X-464-E-4, max. cutting height 40 mm
  • self-cleaning feature by means of a felt wiper and, in the K-400, a downwardly open guide rail
  • compact construction, small control cabinet and controls mounted directly on the guide rail
  • ideal for flush mounting in a table
  • easily adapted to suit systems and machinery made by other manufacturers.
  • highest level of working safety provided by finger guard, adjustable to the material thickness, and fixed blade guard, as well as 2-handed (or optionally 4-handed) operation
  • available in any required length



  • pneumatic clamping for securing the material while
    cutting (-PK)
  • clamping on one or both sides (-2PK)
  • power supplied to the cutting machine via energy chain
  • continuously variable speed adjustment (0-1.2 m/s) for optimal adjustment to suit different materials
  • selectable for 2- or 4-handed operation by key switch
  • with cut-off machine X-468-E-4, (for very stiff materials)
  • custom paint finishing in any RAL shade
  • pneumatic lifting of the entire system
  • controls eliminated

Available voltage variants

  • 3 ~ 400 V, 50-60 Hz
  • 3 ~ 230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • other supply voltages are available on request