Industrial manufacture for cutting machines



ST-S – the low-cost, manual cutter

Belt lifter with maintenance-free sliding guide on both sides.


  • cuts accurately, to the nearest millimetre, without material waste
  • for cutting textiles and similar materials
  • highest level of working safety provided by finger guard adjustable to the material thickness and fixed blade guard
  • automatic shut-off of the machine upon reaching the end positions
  • straight, clean cuts through reinforced aluminium guide rails
  • easy lifting of the guide rail due to a spring-assisted belt lifter
  • stack height up to 20 cm
  • fast and simple installation with rotary knobs is possible on almost any table
  • a table thickness of 20-50 mm and a table overhang of at least 70 mm from the frame are required
  • table width = material width + 20 cm
  • can be used with almost any width of table due to the continuous adjustment up to ± 15 cm


Available cutters


  • ST-2000-S with cut-off machine ST-2000 (very high blade speed for precise cuts up to a material thickness of 16 mm)
  • ST-6000-S with cut-off machine ST-6000 (with 3-phase motor up to a material thickness of 21 mm)
  • the cutting devices are individually matched to your table width.
  • max. table width 350 cm



  • optionally available with cut-off machine ST-2000-130 (ST-2000 with 130 blade for max. material thickness of 26 mm)
  • available with other cutting machines in our range on request
  • available with cable mast for a simplified power supply solution
  • combines with all Hoogs end-rail devices