Industrial manufacture for cutting machines



BM-500 – for cutting heights up to 25 cm

For cutting all types of textiles.

Facts & Advantages

  • for cutting textiles of all kinds with smooth, serrated or concave knives
  • large distortion-free work surface with a smooth, slippery plastic coating and PVC lipping
  • perfect execution of cuts, with a highly adjustable precision-roller blade guide
  • clean knife cut due to a grinding apparatus with clear-view protection and a dust-collecting tray
  • extremely large wheels for little knife bending
  • highest safety standards provided by knife cladding on all sides and an operating light that flashes until the knife comes to rest
  • quick & convenient knife change
  • centralised operation and clear displays
  • long life cycle with low maintenance due to the solid welded construction

Additional features for various applications

  • mobile version with locking swivel wheels (ideal for frequent relocation)
  • air-cushion table with ring nozzles for easy and confident handling of heavy cutting packages
  • adjustable side stop with scale for cutting strips from the layered stack
  • rolling table for easy transport for straight cuts
  • rolling cutter for cutting strips from the roll
  • knife-protection device, fully automated for the maximum possible safety level
  • knife-wetter for plastics, rubber materials and the like.
  • carbide-tipped blade scraper for automatic knife cleaning
  • carbide-tipped knife-guiding plate for cutting extremely strong materials
  • motor-protection switch as automatic overload protection
  • lighting system for good visibility
  • mirror for perfect cutting control

Technical data





3 ~ 400 V, 50-60 Hz
other voltages on request

Number of wheels:


Drive power:

1.1 KW

Blade length:

492 cm

Cutting height:

25 cm

Blade speed:

16 m/s (normal operation),
0-22 m/s (continuously variable)

Projection (distance between blade and machine frame):

ca. 127 cm


approx. 350 kg

Table size:

250 × 150 cm

Floor space required:

300 × 150 cm

Table height (alignable):

approx. 76 - 88 cm