Industrial manufacture for cutting machines

Unrolling trolleys


AWF – simple, versatile, practical

For rolls of widely varying types, up to 600 mm diameter.

The simple, low-maintenance unrolling device for a variety of applications. This manually operated device comes into its own wherever semi- or fully automatic spreading machines are not economical to use. The rolls are taken up by a ball-bearing-mounted spindle. This spindle is relatively simple to install.

AWF type

AWF-D type

  • for the single-ply laying-out of rolls up to 60 cm in diameter
  • for one- and two-ply laying-out of rolls up to 60 cm in diameter

Optionally, the working width can be increased in 10 cm increments.

Facts & Advantages


  • suitable for working widths up to 250 cm
  • easy for one person to operate
  • simple operation using a rail-guided, manually driven motion
  • ball-bearing-mounted spindle with chucking cones
  • adjustable roll brake for the prevention of undesired overrun
  • good guidance and clamping during the cut-off by the lifting deflecting roller
  • clean, perpendicular cuts possible due to the travelling cutting device
  • includes cut-off machine ST-2000,
  • swivel top for two-ply spreading available as an option
  • simple care and maintenance
  • high level of durability due to robust construction
  • rail available in 100 cm sections
  • as a clamp we recommend that you start with the fixed version of our ST-BH, end-rail device


Technical data





1 ~ 230 V, 50–60 Hz


material width + approx. 700 mm


170 Watts


approx. 1000 mm

Blade diameter:

110 mm


approx. 600 mm

Spreading height:

max. 180 mm


approx. 40 kg for 160 cm material width

Roll diameter:

max. 600 mm

Table dimensions





max. spreading length + 1100 mm




material width + min. 170 mm