Industrial manufacture for cutting machines

Z-110-E Series


Z-110-E-4 – NEW type with 50 % more Power and IP 54

Cutting mashine for almost all textiles and synthetic materials.


  • 50 % more power and torque like the old Z-4-N
  • IP54
  • round knife mashine cuts almost all textiles and synthetic materials
  • continuous running due to robust 3-phase motor
  • always remains sharp with integrated grinding device
  • high level of safety provided by adjustable finger guard and fixed blade guard
  • easily maintained – with central lubrication
  • stable, wide base plate with easy-moving rollers
  • compact dimensions


  • Z-110-E-4-M (middle)
    Special version designed for hard materials, includes:
  • 50 % more power and torque like the old Z-4-N
  • IP54
  • special blade holder
  • intermediate plate centred on the cutting line
  • wear-resistant bronze helical gear with axial needle roller bearings
  • four-bow HSS blade

Additional features

  • extension handle, 80 cm in length, pluggable, with or without a switching device
  • push button instead of latching on/off switch
  • bronze helical gear for higher loads
  • ST gliding foot for use with the Z-110-E in our ST aluminium guide rails
  • ball-bearing roller foot for use with our 80/20 steel guide rail for particularly smooth movement and precise guidance
  • steel guide rail SFS-140 for straight guidance of the machine over longer distances, to be used in conjunction with the standard base plate

Technical data

Voltage: 1 ~ 220-230V, 50-60 Hz
3 ~ 220-230V, 50-60 Hz
3 ~ 380-400V, 50-60 Hz
other voltages on request
Cutting speed: approx. 185 m/min (at 50 Hz)
Power: 270 Watt / 3 ~
210 Watt / 1 ~
Cutting height: max. 30 mm
Blade diameter: 110 mm    
Blade speed: approx. 532 rpm (at 50 Hz) Dimensions: approx. 380 × 140 × 290 mm